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Keynote Speakers

Mike Burrows

Mike works at the intersection of Lean-Agile, strategy, and organisation development in the pursuit of the ‘wholehearted’ organisation. He is the author of Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (2nd edition 2021), Right to Left: the digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile (2019, audiobook 2020), and the classic Kanban from the Inside (2014). He is recognised for his pioneering work in Lean, Agile, and Kanban and in recent years his advocacy for participatory and outcome-oriented approaches to change, transformation, and strategy. Prior to his consulting career, Mike was global development manager and Executive Director at a top tier investment bank, CTO for an energy risk management startup, and later served as interim delivery manager for two UK government digital ‘exemplar’ services.
Lynne Cazaly

Lynne Cazaly is an expert in new ways of thinking and working.

She is an international keynote speaker and award-winning author with her ideas and thoughts published in her 10 books. She consults to leaders, teams and businesses guiding them through their adoption of new and creative ways of thinking, leading and working as they respond to changes in the world.

She is an exceptional keynote speaker and from her years of radio broadcasting experience it’s clear to see why. She crafts, delivers and presents messages that inspire, entertain and change audiences.

Lynne Cazaly has lectured with leading universities in undergraduate and post graduate programs on advertising, marketing, influence, speaking, media, change and communications. She is a CSP - a Certified Speaking Professional - and appears in the media, on television, radio and in print and social media as an expert on work, the future of work, leadership and workplace trends. Her thinking and ideas are published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, In The Black and many other publications.

Her in person and online sessions are well-known for being interactive, informative and inspiring, leaving an impact on people for years to come.

Read more at www.lynnecazaly.com

Sessional Speakers

Manu is an Associate Director (Enterprise Transformation Consultant) with Xebia and has over 22 years of overall experience in Scrum, Kanban, Agile Program Deliveries and Agile Project Tool Implementation. He is a Textile Engineer who started as a functional tester and because of working in an enriching agile environment of Microsoft, he could hone his skills in all areas and became a Technology Architect in Microsoft Technologies. Being an early Agile Adopter, he has seen Agile evolve though the empiricism, first hand. He calls himself a storyteller and likes to engage with team though all the stages of Assess, Consult, Train, Implement and Sustain. 

I am a results-driven professional with extensive experience in leading and coordinating teams to deliver exceptional results, utilizing the Kanban methodology. With a solid background in project management and a proven track record of success, I have a talent for streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and driving productivity, using Kanban to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows.

Throughout my career, I have held various leadership positions, ranging from tech lead to Head of departments, where I have been responsible for overseeing large teams of professionals and delivering projects on time and within budget. By implementing the Kanban methodology, I have been able to visualize the workflow and identify potential bottlenecks that could impact delivery. With this approach, I can proactively take action to address those issues before they become a problem.

My expertise in team management, combined with the use of Kanban, has helped me build high-performing teams that consistently achieve their goals. By identifying and removing bottlenecks, I have been able to improve the flow of work, increase efficiency, and ultimately deliver high-quality results to clients.

As a team leader, I am highly skilled in using Kanban to identify areas for improvement and implementing changes that lead to better outcomes. I am constantly monitoring the workflow, analyzing data, and collaborating with team members to optimize processes and ensure smooth delivery. I have a deep understanding of how to use metrics to measure performance and improve team efficiency.

Overall, my strong leadership skills, project management expertise, and ability to use Kanban to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows make me an excellent candidate for any organization looking for a results-driven professional to lead and manage their teams.

Business Analyst turned Scrum Master turned Agile Coach – helping people, teams and organisations work through change using lightweight frameworks, simple techniques, experiments, and above all, an empirical mindset. Professional Scrum Trainer with scrum.org with an affection for applying Kanban principles and practices to boost any Scrum (or agile) adoption.

Aurelien Marando has been leading digital product delivery of all sizes, from light web products to 200+ million dollars banking system upgrade. His success stories are drawn from collaboratively reinventing ways of working across many scales, industries and cultures, and from his experience trying many different “agile” things with teams all over the world. 

His talks are created based on the conversations and questions Aurelien has had with Project Managers, SMs and POs, as well as key practices, tools and techniques he regularly shares with the Leaders and Agile Coaches that he mentors.

He has co-funded Magic Agile with Ferzeen Anis, to continuously inspire people to learn and grow along their professional journey. They are proud to share their knowledge and experience to help people from all walks of life seize opportunities, remain curious and persevere in their ambitions.

Ryan (Group Manager – Queensland at Elabor8) is passionate about seeing organisations reach their potential. Together with his team, Elabor8 has successfully expanded into Queensland by working with and helping 20+ organisations (including the household names of Suncorp, CUA & Origin) work towards achieving organisational agility. Ryan is also a conference speaker and has presented at Agile Australia, YOW! West, and several LAST Conferences in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Ways of Working Lead, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and Trainer in: Scrum, Kanban, Agile Fundamentals and Design Sprints.

Over 20 years experience working in Information Technology and Software Delivery in Europe and Australia.

Passionate about Business Agility, learning new skills and teaching others.

A believer in the power of small teams, to achieve long lasting business outcomes, using collaborative and fun working practices.

Regular speaker at meetups, conferences and brown bags: keen to share knowledge and experiences.

Community organiser: Agile Brisbane and LAST Conference.

Orod is an agility Coach, Podcaster, Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT), SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), Scrum Master and food vlogger.

He got his start in agile in 2011 at Internode, Adelaide, Australia, where he worked as a backend developer.

Since 2013, he’s trained and assisted numerous organisations across industries in creating sustainable, high-performing systems. His ultimate goal is to drive continuous improvement in business agility by prioritising the well-being of individuals performing the work and fostering a deep understanding of their customers and their needs.

Passionate about speaking at conferences, facilitating collaborative sessions, and conducting interactive workshops and training. He’s the founder of Bee Agile Academy, Kanban Australia meetup and co-founder of the Kanban Lab podcast.

Marcio is an accomplished and innovative executive with a 25-year career in Australia and overseas, dedicated to business and technology—Software Engineering, Product Development, Go-to-Market, Process Improvement, Portfolio Management, Consulting, Advisory, Coaching, and Training.

He has extensive, hands-on experience in all aspects of the software lifecycle, product management, delivery management and continuous improvement—a global reference in Kanban, Lean Management and Flow Efficiency.

Today, Marcio is the CEO/CPTO at Flomatika—a Value Stream Management platform committed to bringing management innovation to enterprise organisations optimising their agile governance, planning and delivery processes.

Before Flomatika, Marcio worked as a Principal Consultant at Elabor8—a progressive management consulting firm—where he was part of various transformation initiatives among the most iconic Australian brands, working on a wide range of value streams, operating models, organisational designs, cultures and social dynamics.

He is a frequent speaker at international tier-1 conferences and often publishes thought-provoking articles.

Alex Sloley is an agile evangelist. On top of his busy career working in companies around the world, he is an avid member of the agile community. He speaks regularly on the global stage and is an organizer of conference organizers. He specializes in agile training, coaching, and transformations. For those who are in the know, Alex is the Scrum Alliance Shepherd of the global Agile Coaching Retreat Advisor Team, a member of the Scrum Alliance Coaching Advisory Team, and the Co-Chair of the Agile Alliance Agile Coaching Ethics Initiative Team. For the rest of us, that means Alex helps a lot of people and is a mover and shaker.

On the tech side, Alex is a 15-year veteran of Microsoft, where he was a Scrum Master, Scrum of Scrums Master, and Product Owner. During his tenure at Microsoft, he shipped in over ten Microsoft products, worked with Microsoft Research on high-profile projects, and led his organization into an enterprise-level implementation of Scrum. Alex’s blue-chip client list includes: Cisco, Deloitte, Intel, Macquarie, Nordeus, Nordstrom, Qantas, Satori, Shell, Starbucks, WatchGuard, and Westpac. Alex is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach and an ICAgile Authorized Instructor. And a bit of an overachiever. He likes beer.

I’m an Agile Coach currently living in Sydney.

After working with Kanban for seven years, I relocated to Australia to assist with Agile transformations. To my surprise, Kanban was nearly absent in these transformations. At that time, there was only a single documented case, and a handful of trainings led by the only two trainers in the entire country. I became the first female Kanban trainer in both Australia and Brazil.

In 2017, Australia experienced an explosion of SAFe and Spotify implementations. As I had suspected, six years on, these implementations fell short of delivering the anticipated outcomes proportional to the investments poured into them. In 2023 Kanban remains a hidden treasure in Australia, and companies continue to struggle with efficient delivery.

If you’re curious about implementing Kanban amidst apparent disinterest or skepticism, I invite you to join my talk. I will share insights drawn from my 14 years of experience implementing Kanban stealthily across companies of diverse sizes, cultures, and industries. I hope you leave the session with some good insights about how to start benefiting from the superpowers of Kanban

David Williams

I love the work I do helping individuals, teams and organizations improve there performance by revealing how the work and human systems are working and then coaching, teaching, mentoring and sometimes doing it with them.

I am always learning, practicing and enjoying applying my experience and knowledge, in particular, my current focus on Kanban and Organization Relationship System Coaching (ORSC).

You can find me on a Tuesday morning hosting the Melbourne Lean Coffee Meetup and in the evening at various Agile and related meetups hosted in Melbourne. If you want to connect with me then please do send me message on LinkedIn.

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