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Ambiguity more than uncertainty

Value creation in the space between discovery and delivery
Ambiguity more than uncertainty is the challenge for incumbent organisations that find themselves between a rock and a hard place. More than ever, incumbents need to deal with the uncertainties created by disruption (AI being the worry of the day); at the same time, they have an existing business to take care of. Change plays out in the space in between - the space where future value is discovered, while proven (but potentially declining) value is delivered; the space that requires the ambidexterity to explore new opportunities while exploiting existing capabilities. This is where (new) value is created – catching up with the market when being behind, moving ahead in the market with more performant products and services, moving up in the market with delighting features. Ambiguity abounds in decisions like "fail fast" or "first time right"; have many options or few commitments; work within existing structures and platforms or create new structures and platforms; be faster or get it less wrong; focus on cost or value? As a result, current methods often prioritize discovery or delivery over value creation, leaving a gap. We will explore a network of practices that fills in this gap.


Sally Sloley
Silke Noll
Soma Mazumder
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